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Our mission is to provide industry-leading Employee Stock Option Management Software that meets the needs of everyone, from founders to participants.

Your startup’s Employee Stock Option Plan is a key component of your growing business. Everyone from angel and venture capital investors to consultants and employees want regular access to a professional and up-to-date vesting schedule. IncTrak is an all-in-one Employee Stock Option management tool that allows you to quickly and easily maintain an accurate record and schedule of all your startup’s stock and options disbursements, and present the results in an intuitive and visually-appealing format. IncTrak also has a number of additional vesting management features for maximizing the tool’s functionality, with more great features being added all the time!

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Make Your Strongest Incentives Shine

By presenting your vesting schedule in a simple, attractive and interactive format, you ensure that your startup’s strongest incentive system is having the maximum impact on employee performance. IncTrak offers your employees a personalized interface for tracking their individual stock and options disbursements, providing them with the assurance and information that they need to operate at their best.


Employee Stock Option Plan Management for a Low Subscription Price or Free

Here at IncTrak we know what it’s like to build something meaningful from the ground up. That is why we support all our clients with the lowest possible price for our subscription service, and only start to charge you after a minimum threshold of employees are registered. This way you can easily manage the cost of the IncTrak tool as your company’s profits increase.

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